Emergency Dentistry Fort McMurray

Emergency Dental Care in Fort McMurray

Dental Emergency Fort McMurray

From emergency tooth extraction to unexpected tooth loss, we offer walk-in emergency dental care in Fort McMurray.

Our team of Fort McMurray Dentists is well trained to handle various dental emergencies including:

  • severe toothache
  • tissue injury
  • Lost fillings or crown
  • chipped or broken tooth

We are open Saturdays and late evenings so if you have a dental emergency, dont hesitate to call us.

If you experience a sudden, severe toothache, it’s most likely to be caused by decay, an abscessed tooth, infection of the gums, fractured tooth, or a damaged filling. Treatment for your severe toothache will be determined by the cause of the pain, usually revealed by an examination and/or an x-ray. Treatments range from extraction of the tooth if it’s not preservable to replacing a damaged filling.

If you have knocked out a tooth, see a dentist as soon as possible. If you can, try placing the tooth back in its socket, and if it’s not possible, keep the tooth securely in a cup of milk. If you wash the tooth, be careful as you could accidentally remove tissues attached to the root. Knocked out teeth have the best chance of being saved if they are replaced in the socket and treated by a dentist within an hour.

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