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The term dental abrasion is known as the wear and tear of the teeth, which is produced by rubbing foreign materials against the oral cavity. These materials are called abrasive and are generally not part of the diet. The location of such wear is usually varied, as it is depending on the different abrasive agents that have been able to cause it. The magnitude of the abrasions and the speed of their development also depends on the repeated use of the abrasive, the force that is applied and the hardness of the material.

Dental abrasion origin

In our environment abrasions are common due to bad oral hygiene techniques or the use of toothpaste or substances with a high abrasive power. So in this sense, injuries are frequent to the vestibular faces of the necks of canines and premolars and also sometimes of the upper first molars, which are produced by an improper horizontal brushing. This is why it is very important to know the proper brushing technique.

Similarly other abrasions may also occur as a result of different habits like biting sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. In this case the injuries are usually at the edge of one or both upper incisors and their inferior antagonist. The habit of some smokers usually to secure the nozzles and pipes between teeth may also cause some sort of abrasion.

In the same way there have been various types of cosmetic abrasions being described in popular culture body modifications, like the trimming down of the mesial and distal anterior teeth, to thus obtain a triangular tooth morphology.

Treatmentperformed by Dr. Rita Patel and Dr. Helya Najafi for all these conditions is, in the first instance, eliminating the bad habit and later proceeding with the reconstruction of injuries with the most conservative methods of adhesive dentistry, although there are times when other aesthetic treatments are a necessary indication. In these cases, dental crowns or porcelain veneers are used to achieve a full restoration of the piece.

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